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In this episode of Small Business with Steve Strauss powered by Microsoft, we cover an issue that every one of us has dealt with at some point. Memory retention. How many times have you had trouble remembering something that you know you shouldn't have any problems with? It happens to all of us! Today we'll turn to one of the true experts in memory retention....Ken Jennings!

Before getting into some great tips on how to maintain knowledge, Steve has some advice on the best ways to learn. Starting off with an example from a legendary entrepreneur, Benjamin Franklin, you'll be walked a through a few ways to incorporate lifelong learning into your business.

Our star guest today, Ken Jennings, won Jeopardy 74 times in a row! Ken has teamed up with Bridge by Infrastructure to provide a free course to help you learn and retain knowledge. In the interview, Ken relays some great insight from his run on Jeopardy and some wonderful tips on how you can better yourself as an entrepreneur!

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